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FLUFFY (Adopt)

For those of you who want the perfect dog, Fluffy is your girl! She is perfectly house-trained, she doesn't jump, cry, or scratch at the door. She won't chew up your slippers, she's not a barker or a digger, and she has impeccable manners. She likes to sleep with you (but is also content in her crate), and she will ride quietly in the car for hours. She doesn't eat much (she's already stuffed!), she loves to cuddle, and she gets along great with everyone!

Obviously Fluffy is not real, but for those of you who want a REAL dog, one that will be your loyal companion and lifelong protector, one that will love you unconditionally until its last breath, we have some wonderful dogs who would love to meet you!

The simple truth is -- no dog is instantly perfect. If you want a dog that will never bark, jump, dig, chew, has perfect manners, and is 100% house-trained on day one, then please adopt Fluffy (or one like her).

A rescued dog can bring a lifetime of love and devotion, but in the beginning some may require a little extra effort on your part. Some of these dogs have been abandoned, abused, starved, hit by cars, or simply neglected by the humans they once trusted. Their worlds have been turned upside down beyond their ability to understand, and most will require some time to adjust. Some may need a refresher course in house-training. And, after being abandoned, some may have separation issues and will need help to feel secure.

It may take two weeks or it may take six months, but these issues can all be overcome with a little love and patience (and we're always here to help in any way we can). You will then have your perfect dog, and a true Best Friend Forever.

If you wish to sponsor Fluffy, your donation will help the real dogs in our care, and is tax deductible. (Donate) Thank you for your support!

Brooke Lynn

Brooke Lynn (Adopt) Fostered in Roseville

Brooke is somewhat of a special needs dog. She is about 6 years old, weighs about 22 pounds (she is a wide body), all white, very soft and fluffy. We think she came from an environment where she was repeatedly teased with food and toys until she snapped back, and it became a habit to growl and snap in order to put things right in her mind. Her foster mom has been working with her. She only takes 'known' food choices from your hand; walks away from the unknown treats.

She is dominant and can be stubborn but, on the other hand, she is a sweet lap dog to those she loves, greets her human with affection when they have been away, sleeps with her foster mom, a light and picky eater but very overweight. She is totally potty trained to go outside. When it rains she scoffs at going out to potty and holds it as long as she can, longer than most small dogs.

She was not socialized when young and reacts to strangers first by barking, then sniffing. Her foster mom has found that if you allow her to sniff the new person's hands palm down, then pet her in a friendly way, she will accept them, maybe. Not so sure about men however. She has a harder time feeling safe around men but does accept some men.

She is not friendly to other dogs. She ignores them and growls if dogs and cats come anywhere near her. She is pretty much all bark/growl and no bite. She has gone after people she doesn't like or trust by nipping at their shoes. And because this is a foster home with dogs and people coming and going, it is not a good fit for Brooke. We love Brooke a lot and re-homing her is difficult, but if she is the only dog in her new home, top dog, spoiled dog, she will be happier than dealing with so many new dogs coming and going.

Brooke thinks her doggie duties include alerting you to the garbage truck, UPS and FEDEX, and of course the kids yelling playfully while walking home from school. You will always know when someone is pulling into your driveway or walking up the sidewalk to knock on the door.

She is really loving and good with people she sees on a regular basis, like friends, friendly housekeepers, grandchildren, nosey mothers-in-law :) etc. Brooke will do best in a home with no other dogs, cats, young children or children who tease her, and maybe men. If she is queen, then she should do just fine…










Renwah - Adoption Pending

Renwah is an adorable little cockapoo (poodle/cocker spaniel mix), born 3/5/19, weighs 3 pounds at the moment, and is as sweet as can be. We're guessing his adult weight will be in the neighborhood of 12 pounds. He has wavy white hair.

Renwah is doing well with recognizing a potty spot, plays with toys and his siblings. His basic personality appears active, playful but he minds his mom. He is not hyper like some pups can be. He is absolutely gorgeous, healthy and happy go lucky.

He has had his first two sets of shots (DHPP). He will require a third set with Lepto included (DHLPP) 3 weeks after his second set, or May 31st. His rabies shot will need to be given at 16 weeks or June 25th. At that time you should schedule his neuter surgery. The adoption fee includes a certificate for neuter surgery at the Cirby Sunrise Vet Clinic ONLY, and we will need a copy of his neuter certificate.

If you think you might be interested in meeting and possibly adopting Renwah, please click on "Adopt" to fill out an application.


Would you be interested in fostering? Fostering is temporary -- most of our dogs get adopted within a few weeks -- and it is also life saving. We cannot bring a dog into rescue unless we have a foster home available. 
In a nutshell... the dog would live with you and be treated as a family member, just like you would treat your own dog. You will provide food and whatever he needs on a day-to-day basis (bedding, playtime, walks, etc.). We will pay for vet care (exam, spay, vaccinations, microchip, de-wormer, flea treatment, etc.) and he would likely have all of that when you get him. If, by chance, the dog gets sick or injured, you take him to the vet for treatment and we will pay the vet. We will provide a collar, leash, and K9BFF ID tag. If you encounter any problems with your foster dog (for example, if he doesn't get along with your resident dog or cat), we will place the dog into another foster home.
You will have input as to who adopts him because you will know him better than anyone. The best part of fostering is that if you happen to fall in love with the dog you are fostering, you have first choice to adopt!

If you think you might like to give fostering a try, please complete the Volunteer form and we will be in touch! Thank you!